Week 15: Final Presentations

It’s time to share the creative solutions your team developed for the Final Pitch Presentation assignment.

As you wrap up your work for the semester, please take a moment to share your experiences in the class.

Complete the Blue Course Evaluation in MyWSU. Your input about the course is greatly appreciated!

And finally, don’t forget to turn in Assignment 5 – your Reflections and Revisions to the Professional Vision you created at the beginning of the semester.

Presentation Schedule

Here is the schedule for the final presentations this week.

Monday, Apr 22

  • Team 1
  • Team 7
  • Team 8
  • Team 9
  • Team 10

Wednesday, Apr 24

  • Team 2
  • Team 3
  • Team 4
  • Team 5
  • Team 6

Make sure to turn in both of the files you created for the assignment–your final presentation and the campaign handout. You can turn in both in the dropbox for the assignment in Blackboard.

Looking forward to seeing the creative ideas you developed! Thanks again for a great semester!

Week 14: Crunch Time

This week is the final stretch to the finish your Creative Concept before your presentations next week. You’ll have some class time work with your partner to develop your final presentation and handout. I’ll also check in with each team on their progress. Make sure to review the requirements for Assignment 4C: Final Pitch Presentation.

Don’t forget you also have one final individual assignment to reflect on the personal and professional vision you created at the beginning of the semester. The details are in Assignment 5.

This week will go fast, but don’t stress. Finish strong!

Image: Pixabay

Week 13: Keep the Pace

This Monday, I’ll introduce Assignment 5, which is the final individual assignment in the course. Then, you’ll work with your new teammate and the rest of the class to begin mapping the Customer Engagement Process for the free Adobe mobile applications.

On Wednesday, we’ll complete the experience mapping exercise together as a class.

Next week, we’ll review your initial Creative Concepts, then develop them into a creative pitch, which you’ll deliver in class the following week.

Image: Pixabay

Week 12: A New Creative Spark

This week, we begin the final lesson of the course!

On Monday, we’ll complete the second Photoshop tutorial, helping “fix” a local carpet cleaning service ad so it is more professionally presented and produced.

On Wednesday, we will not have class, so you can attend the Murrow Symposium.

On Friday, I’ll introduce Assignment 4, in which we’ll work with Adobe to develop a new campaign for their free mobile applications.

Image: Pixabay

What a Jam!

Thanks to all the students who participated in the Spring 2019 WSU Creative Jam LIVE event last night. Over 100 students from 20 different majors took part in this fun and rewarding event.

Check out the event photos to find your team, or see if some of your friends participated.

Tournament Photos

Presentation Photos

If you didn’t have a chance to participate this time, we plan to hold another Creative Jam LIVE event in the Fall. Follow the Creative Corridor on Facebook to stay informed of upcoming events and other creative activities!

Week 10: The Final Stretch

Welcome back from Spring Break!

On Monday, we’ll continue to work on Assignment 3. I’ll also introduce the second part of the assignment.

Then on Friday, we’ll complete a second tutorial for Adobe Photoshop.

Next Monday and Wednesday, you’ll present your final concepts for Assignment 3.

Week 9: Ignite the Spark

This week, we’ll work on your creative concepts for Assignment 3A for our client, the Spark Building. On Monday, I’ll finish up the presentation on Advertising Design Fundamentals. Then, on Wednesday I’ll introduce the concept of Advertising Model Formats. This Friday will be a team work day for you to wrap up your creative concept and get Assignment 3A turned in before the break.

Next week is Spring Break. Yay! When you get back, we’ll finish up Assignment 3B, then the following week we’ll start the final assignment for the course!

Image: Bob Hubner