Week 13: Don’t take off yet, turkey

Welcome back from the long holiday weekend.

This Wednesday, we’ll have our Creative Concept review. I’ll meet with each team to review your work on Assignment 4B before you turn it in. Remember, the assignment is due by the end of the day on Wednesday, Nov. 14.

Friday will be a team work day. I’ll be in the classroom during the normal class hour. This is your chance to get a head start on the final part of Assignment 4 or discuss Assignment 5, which is the reflection and revision of future vision you developed at the beginning of the semester in Assignment 1.

Next week is Thanksgiving vacation and of course, we don’t have class.

The week you return, we’ll spend our time in class refining your creative concept and working on your Final Pitch Presentation (Assignment 4C).

This is a very short week, so make sure both you and your partner are in class on Wednesday to make sure you are on track with Assignment 4B!

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Pitch Demo

Four teams working to launch their own ventures will pitch to a panel of real investors and seasoned entrepreneurs for critical feedback.

This is a terrific opportunity to see what it’s like to do a professional pitch, as well as a chance for them to network with members of WSU’s business and entrepreneurial community during the catered reception that will follow.

Pitch Demo

November 14, 6-8pm
Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center

Week 12: In Motion

I hope you all had a productive time last week!

This week, we’ll continue the final lesson and our work developing a campaign to promote the use of free Adobe mobile apps for college students, faculty, and staff.

On Monday, I’ll provide some additional feedback on Assignment 4A, based on the completed assignments you turned in last week. Then, we’ll discuss some best practices and approaches to presentation design and preparation.

On Wednesday, we’ll discuss motion design and design for video, including commercials. Then, we’ll cover the basics of storyboarding.

On Friday, we’ll complete a tutorial using Premiere Clip, which is one of the free mobile apps from Adobe. I originally wanted to cover the newest Adobe desktop app, Premiere Rush, but based on our experience with Adobe XD I decided to focus on the more compatible mobile app.

Remember, next week will be another short week because of the Veteran’s Day holiday on Monday, Nov. 12.

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Week 11: Time is getting short!

Hard to believe that we only have five more weeks in the semester and Thanksgiving Break is just around the corner. And, this is going to be a very short week in COMSTRAT 381.

First, a reminder that we won’t have class this Wednesday or Friday. Rebecca and I are attending the EDUCAUSE Conference in Denver, Colorado, where we’ll present on the excellent work in Innovation and Entrepreneurship happening at WSU.

Even though we won’t be in class, you should still use this week to work with your partner to finish Assignment 1A: Research and Creative Brief, which is due this Friday, Nov. 2.

This Monday in class, we’ll complete a Customer Engagement mapping exercise, which will help you complete Assignment 1A and will lay the foundation for your work on the next two parts of the assignment.

Week 10: Starting the Final Project

I hope everyone had a very fun College Game Day weekend!

Due to the slight shift in our schedule, the remaining groups will present their Assignment 3B: New Concept Pitches on Monday in class.

Then on Wednesday, I’ll introduce the final assignment for the course. This will be a three-part assignment, which begins with Assignment 4A. Based on the informal poll in class last week, we’ll focus on promoting the Adobe Mobile Applications for this assignment.

For Assignment 4, you have the option to request someone you would like to work with as your partner. All partner requests should be sent via email to your instructor no later than noon on Tuesday, Oct. 23.

Also on Wednesday, we’ll do an in-class exercise on Experience Design in the context of the Adobe web presence and the mobile app store. This activity will get you started on your research for your final project.

Then on Friday, we’ll begin a tutorial for Adobe Xd, a free interface design tool.

Remember, next week is a very short week since we’ll only have class on Monday, then there will be no class on Wednesday or Friday next week. That said, it is critical that you find time to work with your partner next week and make progress on the first part of the assignment. The in-class activity next Monday (Oct. 29) will set you up for the work you have to complete during the week.



Week 9: And…the Pitch!

This week, we’ll wrap up Lesson 3 on Branding and Brand Storytelling.

On Monday, we’ll briefly discuss some best practices on pitching creative concepts and presentations. Then, you’ll have the rest of the time in class to work with your partner to refine your new creative concepts in preparation for your presentations. We’ll also decide which groups will present on Wednesday and Friday.

On Wednesday and Friday, you’ll present Assignment 3B: New Concept Pitch, based on the brand your team was assigned in Assignment 3A. Five groups will go each day, so we’ll have a bit more time for questions and discussion after each presentation.

After this week, we’ll start the final assignment for the course!

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Week 8: Brand Stories & Ad Models

This week, we’ll continue Lesson 3 and your assignment to analyze one of the world’s Top 50 brands.

On Monday, we’ll discuss brand stories and how they are used to convey a brand’s position, personality, and purpose.

On Wednesday, I’ll introduce Assignment 3B, in which you’ll apply what you learned about your brand to develop a new creative concept. We’ll also review the Advertising Model Format as discussed in Chapter 7 of your textbook.

Remember, there will be no class this Friday, Oct. 12!

Details for all assignments and activities are available on the Course Schedule page.