Assignment 4B: Creative Concept

Points: 25 pts
Due date: Mon, Apr 15
Resources: Customer Engagement – New Solutions Template
Summary:  This is the second part of a three-part assignment.

Customer Engagement – New Solutions TEMPLATE (.docx)

Formatting Guidelines

  • Format: Use the steps and outline provided below to create a document using InDesign, Word, or Google Docs. Your final document should be a .docx or .pdf file
  • Pages: open-ended

Task 1: Creative Concept

Develop a new creative concept based on the Adobe brand and the strategic approach you defined in the Creative Brief.

Step 1: Ideation – Using your completed Creative Brief as your guide, work with your partner to develop creative concepts for the Adobe.

Step 2: Campaign Theme – Develop a creative theme that will appeal to college students and leverages the Adobe brand and the company’s recent campaign messages. Your theme should work at a campaign level so you can apply it to multiple media types.

Task 2: Customer Engagement – New Solutions

Using the Customer Engagement Assessment you completed in Part A, identify new solutions Adobe can develop for each of the five stages of their customer engagement. These solutions should be based on the opportunities and ideas you identified in Part A.

Use the Customer Engagement – New Solutions Template provided above.

Task 3: Creative Executions

Begin developing creative executions, based on your theme, using the appropriate media for each of the five stages of customer engagement. You can use whatever creative media tools you are most comfortable with to develop these creative executions.

In the next part of the assignment, you’ll refine these concepts and incorporate them into your final pitch presentation.

Task 4: Creative Concept Document

Develop an informal document combining your work in Tasks 1-3. This document is will be used in a one-on-one status report with your instructor. Your document should include the following:

  1. Group Name & Members
  2. Creative Theme
  3. Completed Customer Engagement – New Solutions Template
  4. Initial drafts of your Creative Executions

Turn it in

  1. Review your Creative Concept check your visual layout and formatting. Also check grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation
  2. Log in to the 381 Blackboard, go to the Assignment Dropboxes section, and locate Assignment 4B: Creative Concept
  3. Browse your computer for the Campaign Document file and attach it to the assignment. Or, if you used Google Docs, paste the URL into the comments section of the assignment.
  4. Select Submit

Grading Criteria

Your main goal with this task is accuracy and completion. Using elements of the standard Concept Development & Creativity rubric – you will be graded on content, completion, and conventions. Your instructor is looking for the following criteria:

  • Design & Planning: The concept is well designed, planned, and executed. It demonstrates a cohesive solution.
  • Audience: Concept shows evidence of consistent attention to audience and purpose.
  • Graphics and Media: Photos, icons, and other artwork are used creatively and work together thematically.
  • Content and Messaging: Content is creatively written and cleverly presented. Message platform is evident throughout.
  • Convention: Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization are correct. No errors in the text.
  • Resource Documentation: Student(s) demonstrate evidence of documentation throughout digital assets where possible including giving credit to any websites, photos articles, blogs or other resources used.