Week 9: And…the Pitch!

This week, we’ll wrap up Lesson 3 on Branding and Brand Storytelling.

On Monday, we’ll briefly discuss some best practices on pitching creative concepts and presentations. Then, you’ll have the rest of the time in class to work with your partner to refine your new creative concepts in preparation for your presentations. We’ll also decide which groups will present on Wednesday and Friday.

On Wednesday and Friday, you’ll present Assignment 3B: New Concept Pitch, based on the brand your team was assigned in Assignment 3A. Five groups will go each day, so we’ll have a bit more time for questions and discussion after each presentation.

After this week, we’ll start the final assignment for the course!

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Week 8: Brand Stories & Ad Models

This week, we’ll continue Lesson 3 and your assignment to analyze one of the world’s Top 50 brands.

On Monday, we’ll discuss brand stories and how they are used to convey a brand’s position, personality, and purpose.

On Wednesday, I’ll introduce Assignment 3B, in which you’ll apply what you learned about your brand to develop a new creative concept. We’ll also review the Advertising Model Format as discussed in Chapter 7 of your textbook.

Remember, there will be no class this Friday, Oct. 12!

Details for all assignments and activities are available on the Course Schedule page.

Week 6: Time to Present

This week, we’ll wrap up Assignment 2 and our creative concept for The SPARK building.

Since we didn’t have class on Monday, we’ll use our class time on Wednesday to check in on your progress and make sure everyone is ready to present their finished creative concepts.

On Friday, all of the teams will present their creative concepts in class. Make sure to review the assignment requirements as you prepare your presentation.

Next week, we’ll begin the next unit on Storytelling and Customer Engagement. We’ll switch the teams up and will begin work on Assignment 3.

Week 5: Working Together

On Monday at the beginning of class, I’ll review the Creative Concept copy sheet, which you’ll use this week to develop your initial concepts with your team member. Then, I’ll briefly meet with each team individually to review your completed Creative Brief document to make sure you understand the requirements for the assignment and that you’re headed in the right direction with your creative concept.

If you haven’t completed your Creative Brief yet, fill in as much as you can before class on Monday!

On Wednesday, Jon Manwaring from the SPARK Building will join us in class. He’ll deliver a brief presentation about the SPARK then will answer any questions you have about the facility, the services it offers, and the vision behind it.

On Friday, we’ll discuss advertising design fundamentals and go through a fun exercise called Your Ad Sucks! Don’t worry, we won’t be using your ads as the examples in the exercise.

You might notice that I had to move a few activities from this lesson to the next one (Lesson 3) to accommodate the discussion with Jon on Wednesday.

Photo by Robert Hubner (WSU Photo Services)

Campaign: Chrysler & Jeep

Campaign: Summer of Jeep
Client: Jeep

Agency: Highdive (Chicago)

Ad: Imported from Detroit
Client: Chrysler

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy


Songs For Screens: Fiat Chrysler CMO Explains How Music Turbocharges Their Ad Campaigns (Variety)

Fiat Chrysler’s Olivier François doesn’t expect agencies to do his job (Campaign)

What CEO Change Means for Fiat CMO Olivier Francois (AdAge)


Wieden+Kennedy (LinkedIn)

Highdive (LinkedIn)