Week 10: The Final Stretch

Welcome back from Spring Break!

On Monday, we’ll continue to work on Assignment 3. I’ll also introduce the second part of the assignment.

Then on Friday, we’ll complete a second tutorial for Adobe Photoshop.

Next Monday and Wednesday, you’ll present your final concepts for Assignment 3.


Week 9: Ignite the Spark

This week, we’ll work on your creative concepts for Assignment 3A for our client, the Spark Building. On Monday, I’ll finish up the presentation on Advertising Design Fundamentals. Then, on Wednesday I’ll introduce the concept of Advertising Model Formats. This Friday will be a team work day for you to wrap up your creative concept and get Assignment 3A turned in before the break.

Next week is Spring Break. Yay! When you get back, we’ll finish up Assignment 3B, then the following week we’ll start the final assignment for the course!

Image: Bob Hubner

Join the Adobe Creative Jam

We are creatives. We are worldwide.We are Cougs! Adobe is ready to jam with Washington State University on March 28. We’re bringing back the very popular Creative Jam event, which is free and open to all students. Put your design skills to the test and create a mobile working app in Adobe XD. All skill […]

Week 8: Working Together

On Monday, I’ll introduce your next assignment Assignment 3 and we’ll discuss Advertising Design Fundamentals. 

On Wednesday, we’ll take a trip to the Spark Building, our new client for this assignment, to complete a Mindful Observation exercise to inspire creative concepts for your campaign.

This Friday, we won’t have class because I’m traveling. Use the time to meet with your partner, maybe even in the Spark Building, to work on your project.

Photo by Robert Hubner (WSU Photo Services)

Fire Wheel

Week 7: The Creative Spark

This will be a short week with the President’s Day holiday on Monday. On Wednesday, you’ll present your creative concepts for a new Super Bowl ad for the brands you selected.

Then on Friday, we’ll begin Assignment 3: Advertisement Design. You will work with a partner to develop a creative concept for The SPARK at WSU to increase awareness of the facility and the resources it offers.

Next Monday, you’ll complete an exercise with your new partner to learn more about the Spark Building and what it has to offer.

Photo source: Pixabay, Creative Commons

Week 6: What is a Brand?

This week, we’ll wrap up our discussion on Why Advertise and will begin our discussion on branding and advertising design.

Assignment 2A (Brand Video) and Tutorial 2 (Photoshop and Mobile Apps) are both due on Monday by midnight.

Remember, next Monday (Feb. 18) is President’s Day so we won’t have class. We moved your Super Bowl concept pitch presentations to Wednesday, Feb. 20, so make sure to be ready to present after the long weekend!

Image: EdgeThreeSixty TM, Attribution 2.0 Generic

How to Teach Yourself a New Skill

Join a presentation and conversation with WSU alumni, Gino Valente, a product designer with Rover.com in Seattle.


Monday, Feb. 11, 4:15-5:00
Spark 235

Gino, a self-taught User Experience (UX) designer, will discuss how to approach learning a new skill and connecting with a community of practice to further those skills.

This is a free event. Gino will join us via videoconference from the Rover.com office.

Week 5: Brands & Advertising Design

This week, we’ll continue Lesson 2 and your assignment to analyze one of the world’s Top 50 brands.

On Monday, I’ll introduce Assignment 2B, in which you’ll apply what you learned about your brand to develop a new creative concept. We’ll also conclude our discussion on “Why Advertise.”

On Wednesday, we’ll discuss the question “What is a Brand?”

Finally, on Friday, we’ll complete the Adobe Photoshop Tutorial in class.