Week 6: What is a Brand?

This week, we’ll wrap up our discussion on Why Advertise and will begin our discussion on branding and advertising design.

Assignment 2A (Brand Video) and Tutorial 2 (Photoshop and Mobile Apps) are both due on Monday by midnight.

Remember, next Monday (Feb. 18) is President’s Day so we won’t have class. We moved your Super Bowl concept pitch presentations to Wednesday, Feb. 20, so make sure to be ready to present after the long weekend!

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Week 5: Brands & Advertising Design

This week, we’ll continue Lesson 2 and your assignment to analyze one of the world’s Top 50 brands.

On Monday, I’ll introduce Assignment 2B, in which you’ll apply what you learned about your brand to develop a new creative concept. We’ll also conclude our discussion on “Why Advertise.”

On Wednesday, we’ll discuss the question “What is a Brand?”

Finally, on Friday, we’ll complete the Adobe Photoshop Tutorial in class. 

Week 2: Getting to work!

Hard to believe, but the first week of the semester is already behind us!

On Monday, we’ll answer the question Why Advertise? Then we’ll explore the history of advertising, and discuss how it is relevant today.

On Wednesday, I’ll briefly introduce Assignment 1B: Professional Assessment and Vision, which is the second part of the two-part assignment in Lesson 1. Then, we’ll work on the first of many Adobe tutorials. Adobe Spark is an easy-to-use, web-based digital content creation tool you can use to create and share dynamic and visually engaging stories. Which is exactly what you’ll use it for as you develop the stories for your first presentation next week! 

On Friday, we’ll continue our discussion on careers in advertising and complete an in-class exercise to help you define your Dream Job based on your personal values and professional aspirations.

Remember, Assignment 1A: Written Professional Assessment & Vision is due this Friday, Jan. 18.

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Week 1: Welcome!

Welcome to COMSTRAT 381 Creative Media Strategies and Techniques, a course designed to help you apply writing, design, persuasion skills, and critical thinking skills to the practice of advertising and promotion, in a variety of media outlets. This semester we will explore various digital media tools and technologies to study their effective and ethical application in advertising.

What’s in it for you?

You will learn to write and develop creative concepts for marketing and advertising on multiple media platforms including traditional media (print, broadcast, outdoor) and digital media (online advertising, blogs, web content, and social media). When you leave this class you will have a series of written and visual pieces worthy of your portfolio, as well as the confidence to tackle any creative task handed to you. It is my goal to aid in your success and growth as a marketing professional.

Course Setting & Student Expectations

The classroom climate is designed to be relaxed yet organized, fun yet professional.

COMSTRAT 381 is rooted in professional preparedness – giving students the insight, tools, and confidence needed to be successful in an internship experience or junior level position. In the spirit of teaching and training, professional conduct is required at all times. Attendance in COMSTRAT 381 is mandatory.

Course Schedule and Syllabus

The Course Schedule will serve as your main source for content related to each of the four lessons including in-class discussions and activities, assignments, and tutorials. The Course Syllabus has more details about the course and expectations for the semester.

Required Textbook

advertisingByDesign_textbookThere is a required textbook for this course. It is relatively inexpensive and should prove to be a valuable resource throughout the semester.

Advertising by Design: Generating & Designing Creative Ideas Across Media

3rd edition by Robin Landa

ISBN: 978-1118971055.

You can order from The Bookie (recommended) or from your preferred bookseller.

Other Information

Most of the course content is housed on this course blog (https://comstrat381.wordpress.com/). The course blog includes lesson overviews, assignment links, instructions, and due dates, digital syllabus, course schedule and everything else you will need to be successful as a 381 student.

Announcements will be posted in the course blog and via emails sent to your WSU account to help keep you on track, remind you of critical deadlines and provide you with helpful resources and tips and other information related to the course.

A few other resources:

  • You’ll use Blackboard to turn in your assignments  drop boxes and My Grades so you can stay on top of your progress
  • Access myWSU for the course roster and enrollment status, midterm grades, and final grades.

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