Extra Credit

Students in COMSTRAT381 can earn up to 20 points (2% of total grade) extra credit by participating in research studies on the Murrow College Sonasystems Research Pool.  If you have never used the service before and need instructions on how to request an account, you can visit the Student Participation instructions page.

In Sonasystems, students receive credits for completing online surveys or in-person experiments.  A 30-minute online study equals 0.5 credits in Sonasystems.  Longer studies or those that require students to meet an experimenter in person are worth more credits.  1 credit in Sonasystems is equal to 10 points in COMSTRAT381.  Therefore, for the maximum 20 points in this course, you would need to earn 2.0 credits in Sonasystems.

Please note that studies are available at different times throughout the semester, and Sonasystems typically closes during Dead Week.  As such, it is important to sign up early and look for credit opportunities often.  There is no guarantee of studies at the end of the semester – don’t wait until the last minute to participate!

Extra Credit FAQs

How and where do I sign up? The Student Participation Website.

How much is a study worth? This depends on how long the study is and what its format is.  An online survey is typically worth 0.5 credits.  In-person experiments are usually 1.0, and multi-part studies can be worth 1.5 or even 2.0 credits.

Are credits and points the same? No.  Credits in Sonasystem correspond to different classes differently.  As such, there is no flat rate of exchange for all classes in the system.  For COMSTRAT381, each 1.0 credit is worth 10 points in the class, with a maximum of 20 points possible.  If you have other class with Sonasystems opportunities, you should check with your instructor for credit:points exchange rates.

How much time will this take? If you are completing online surveys only, getting the full 20 points will take about 2 hours.  In-person experiments earn points faster, with 1 hour of time earning the full 20 points.

Will this actually make a difference to my grade? It can.  Many students are on the cusp between two grade categories.  This 20 points often makes the difference.  In Spring 2014, extra credit helped increase the grade of more than two thirds of the students who completed it.

Are any studies required for the class?  Will some studies earn me more?  No, your participation is entirely voluntary. No study is considered more important for our course.  The amount each will earn you is based on the length and whether it is online or in-person.

When will my points be added to my grade on Angel? All extra credit from Sonasystems is applied after the client closes.  As such, you won’t see your credit in Angel until Finals Week. You are always able to see your credit amounts in Sonasystems.

Are there any other extra credit opportunities? No.  This is the only extra credit opportunity offered in COMSTRAT381.

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