LIFT Assessment

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Your answers will help the research team complete post-assessment of the following key research areas (23 quick-answer questions):

  • Personal Growth Initiative Scale-II (Growth Mindset)
  • Sense of Belonging Scales (Sense of Belonging)

The survey closes Friday, Dec. 7, 2018

LIFT (Learn, Inspire, Foster, Transform) is a component of the Transformational Change Initiative, a five-year grant with a goal to support students’ academic success, increase their life skills and resilience, and transform their experience at WSU. Chris Cooney is a member of the LIFT’s Faculty Fellows Program (2018) designed to support instructors in using teaching methods and modules that have been shown to improve students’ engagement, connection, and learning; decrease course withdrawal and failure rates, and increase retention.

The WSU Student Success through Transformational Change: Individual and Institutional initiative is a multi-component plan for increasing student success at Washington State University.  Overall, the aim is to produce transformational change institutionally (by creating a university that supports students emotionally, socially, and academically) and individually (by producing graduates positioned for life-long success).  Major components of the initiative include a parent handbook intervention, curriculum and faculty development, and a comprehensive research strategy. Most importantly the focus of the initiative includes improving student resiliency and empowerment using interventions known to support students’ emotional, social, and academic development.

COMSTRAT 381 is just one of the WSU courses where LIFT principles and activities will be introduced as part of the curriculum. Students are asked to voluntarily participate in pre and post-assessment activities to help measure the effectiveness of these techniques.