Be Creative

Week 6: From concept to creation

I hope our visit to The SPARK last week gave you a better idea of what is possible in the space and inspired some new ideas for your campaign. This week, we will wrap up Assignment 2: Advertisement Design. Based on our review on Friday, you should now have a clear direction for your creative strategy. Your focus on Monday and Wednesday should be on developing your concepts, settling on one to implement, then creating original text, photos, and graphics to produce your final deliverables using Adobe InDesign. On Friday, teams will present their final concepts in The SPARK. Review the Presentation 2 assignment requirements before developing your creative pitch.

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SPARK classroom

Meeting @ The SPARK

The next two Friday’s, the class will meet in The SPARK instead of our regular classroom.

Here is our schedule for the next two Fridays.

Friday, Feb. 9 – Creative Brief Review

11am class – Spark G10

3pm class – Spark 210

Friday, Feb. 16 – Final Concept Presentation

11am class – Spark G10

3pm class – Spark 210

All other days we’ll meet in our regularly scheduled classroom.

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Fire Wheel

Week 5: The Creative Spark

This week, we begin Assignment 2: Advertisement Design. You will work with a partner to develop a creative concept for The SPARK at WSU to increase awareness of the facility and the resources it offers.

Once you have a solid creative concept, you and your teammate will create original text, photos, and graphics to produce your final concept using Adobe InDesign. Then, you’ll prepare a creative concept pitch, which you’ll present to the class at the end of next week.

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Creative Jam Deadline – Feb. 2

Adobe Creative Jam is an inspiring hands-on design experience that challenges students to collaboratively develop a unique creative solution in a fun and rewarding 3-hour competition.

Adobe Creative Jam @ WSU
Tuesday, February 27 5-8pm
The SPARK – Pullman Campus

We’re looking for motivated students, who enjoy creative teamwork and friendly competition, who want to:

  • Learn valuable skills sought after by employers
  • Network with industry professionals
  • Learn about the latest digital media tools from Adobe
  • Enjoy free giveaways, food, and drinks in an inspiring environment
  • Have fun!


Tournament Registration Form

Registration deadline is Feb. 2.

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Week 4: Working Together

This week, we’ll wrap up the last few in-class presentations from Lesson 1, then move on to Lesson 2: Advertising Design and the Creative Process.

On Monday, we’ll spend the majority of the class session viewing the remaining presentations and if time allows, we’ll begin talking about the new topics for Lesson 2. Remember your final Presentation Assignment is due to Blackboard by Monday at midnight.

On Wednesday, we’ll have the discussion that we originally planned to have at the beginning of last week – Why Advertise?

On Friday, I’ll introduce Assignment #2: Advertisement Design and you’ll begin working in creative pairs on the project.

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Week 3: Telling Your Stories

This week, we wrap up Lesson 1 and our discussion about Advertising, Agencies, and the Advertising Profession.

On Monday, we’ll discuss a very important question: Why Advertise? We’ll take a quick stroll through the history of advertising and discuss how its function has changed over the years and continues to change in the current media environment.

On Wednesday, we’ll work together in class on your Presentation Assignment, which you’ll deliver in class on Friday. Come to class prepared to discuss specifics from the current draft of your story and presentation with your classmates at your workstation.

On Friday, you’ll present your final story that you created in Adobe Spark.

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