Assignment 1B: Professional Vision Presentation

Points: 45 pts
Due date: Friday, Jan. 25 (in class)
Resources: Adobe Spark
Summary: Present your personal story about your transformation from a student to a successful communication professional.

Presentations will be given in class. The link to your completed Video is due to Blackboard by 11:59pm that evening.


Develop a multimedia presentation that describes your personal transformation from a college student to a successful communication professional. Use Assignment 1A: Written Professional Assessment and Vision as your reference for your presentation structure and content. Collect and incorporate multimedia elements (photos, video, audio, etc) to help illustrate your story and engage your audience.


Create a short, multimedia narrative using Adobe Spark. Use Spark Video to create a standalone video that will only require a brief verbal introduction in class. Keep in mind you cannot exceed the 2-minute time limit for your presentation.

Your in-class presentation should not exceed 2 minutes. Spark Videos should be 1-2 minutes.

Formatting Guidelines

  • Format: Spark Video

Presentation Outline

This is the suggested outline and order for your presentation. You can adjust the order to fit your personal vision and concept for your story, but your story must include all of the elements listed in the outline.

A. Introduction – Start with an overview of yourself.

  • Include relevant details from your previous assignment.
  • Introduce your core values.

Media requirement: Include at least two images in this section

B. Situation Analysis – Where are you today? What is the most important information about your current situation for your audience if they are to understand where you want to go and how you are going to get there?

  • Identify your greatest opportunities and most significant challenge (threat)

Media requirement: Include at least two images in this section

C. Vision of Future Professional Self – Where do you see yourself professionally five years after graduation?

Media requirement: Include at least two images in this section

D. Path to Future Vision – What are you going to do to move toward your vision of your future professional self.

  • Identify the specific actions you will take

Media requirement: Include at least two images in this section

E. Outcome and Benefit – What is now possible? What is the result of having achieved this vision of your future professional self?

  • How do you benefit?
  • How do others benefit?

Media requirement: Include at least one image in this section

Turn it in

  1. Review your presentation – check your visional presentation and formatting. Also check grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation
  2. Log in to the 381 Blackboard, go to the Assignment Dropboxes section, and locate Assignment 1B: Professional Vision Presentation
  3. Paste the URL of your Spark file into the Text Submission box
  4. Select Submit

Grading Criteria

Your main goal with this task is accuracy and completion. Using elements of a standard Presentation Design and Delivery rubric – you will be graded on mechanics, content, creativity, delivery, enthusiasm and audience awareness. Your instructor is looking for the following criteria:

  • Mechanics: Presentation is easy to read and all elements are very clearly written, labeled. The presentation has no misspellings or grammatical errors.
  • Content: Meets all the criteria for the assignment. All content is in the students’ own words and is accurate. Demonstrates full knowledge by answering all reviewer questions with explanations and elaboration. Provides clear purpose and subject; pertinent examples, facts, and/or statistics; supports conclusions/ideas with evidence.
  • Creativity: Students have used media in creative and innovative ways that exploit the particular strengths of the presentation format. The final product is unique, powerful, effective, and compels audience attention.
  • Delivery: Speaks with fluctuation in volume and inflection to maintain audience interest and emphasize key points.
  • Enthusiasm and Audience Awareness: Demonstrates strong enthusiasm about the topic throughout the presentation. Significantly increases audience understanding and knowledge of the topic; convinces an audience to recognize the validity and importance of the subject