Assignment 3B: Concept Pitch

Points: 40 pts
Due date: Monday, Mar 27 in class (file due to Blackboard by 11:50 pm)
Resources: Adobe Spark or Microsoft Powerpoint.
Summary: Design a 2-3 minute concept pitch to present to your client.

Presentation Outline

Prepare a 2-3 minute presentation using the following outline:

  • Audience – demographics, lifestyle, opinions about brand, specific insight from your research
  • Change – what we want them to believe, reason to believe, benefit
  • Brand – What is the brand positioning and brand personality
  • Creative Concept – emotional basis, visual and creative basis
    • Concept for electronic display
    • Concept for poster
    • Other concepts (optional)
  • How we will measure success
  • Thank you!

You and your partner will present in class using Microsoft Powerpoint or Adobe Spark. Both team members should contribute to the presentation.

Photo by Robert Hubner (WSU Photo Services)