Presentation 4

Points: 80 pts
Due dates:
Presentations in class, Wed., Apr. 25 and Fri., Apr. 27
Presentation file due to Blackboard by Sun., Apr. 29 at 11:59 p.m.
Resources: Adobe Spark or Microsoft Powerpoint.
Summary: Design a 6-8 minute presentation for the client.

Presentation Outline

Prepare a 6-8 minute presentation using the following outline:

  • Audience – demographics, lifestyle, opinions about brand, specific insight
  • Change – what we want them to believe, reason to believe, benefit
  • Engagement – how will engage customers and inspire them to contribute to our goals.
    • This section should include your customer engagement process
  • Creative Concept – emotional basis, visual and creative basis
    • The overall creative theme for your campaign
    • Media examples, at least one for each stage of engagement.
  • How we will measure success
  • Thank you!

You and your partner will present in class using Microsoft Powerpoint or Adobe Spark. Both team members need to be present and participate in the presentation to receive credit.

Presentation Schedule

11am class

Team Presentation Day
Team 1 Haley Groth Wednesday
Mackenzie Brown
Team 2 Keegan Otter Friday
Kiana Morris
Team 3 Sydney DeWitt Wednesday
Alex Mickelsen
Team 4 Emily Mattson Wednesday
Kelly-anne Cubley
Team 5 Zana Crites Wednesday
Rachel Lutovsky
Team 6 Niko Balocco Wednesday
Lora Sullivan
Team 7 Lauren LeMaster Wednesday
Chelsea Goehring
Team 8 Arthur Dalessandro Friday
Kyle Celli
Team 9 Kellen O’Connor Friday
Monica Garcia
Team 10 Lexi Krzycki Friday
Megan Slaughterbeck

3pm class

Team Presentation Day
Team A Kevin Macaraeg Friday
John Kim
Team B Zach Rubio Friday
Nathan Pegram
Team C Karen Gallardo Wednesday
Katie Merrick
Team D Matt McGee Friday
Evan Curry
Team E Alanna Lee Wednesday
Sylvia Pritchard
Team F Julian Goldman Wednesday
Evan Johnson
Team G Andrew Wittwer Wednesday
Alex Poulin
Lauren Lee

Turn it in

  1. Review your Presentation – check your visual layout and formatting. Also check grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation
  2. Log in to the 381 Blackboard, go to the Assignment Dropboxes section, and locate the Presentation 4: Brand Campaign dropbox. 
  3. Browse your computer for the presentation file and attach it to the assignment. Or, if you used Adobe Spark, paste the URL into the comments section of the assignment.
  4. Select Submit.