Tutorial 3: Photoshop #2

Points: 10 pts
Due date: Fri, Apr 5
Resources: Adobe Photoshop
Summary: Help your client “fix” their advertising concept.

Download the Photoshop file from Blackboard to complete the tutorial. You can find the file at Assignment Dropboxes > Tutorial 3: Adobe Photoshop (2)


Adobe Photoshop is an imaging and design application. You can use it to edit and enhance photographs, illustrations, and artwork. You can even use it to design websites and mobile apps. 

Local carpet cleaning services are notorious for having some absolutely awful advertisements. You may have seen these in the local newspaper or received a flyer at your home.

Your client for this tutorial is Tornado Carpet Services. Your assignment is to transform the “concept” the owner’s grandson developed into a professional advertisement.


Part 1: Structural and Functional Review

Review the structure of the client’s Photoshop document for their advertisement to understand their thought process and the Photoshop features they utilized. You’ll review the following functions, within the content items in the document:

  • Folders and folder structure
  • Adding and renaming layers
  • Text
    • Text Styling
    • Text Effects
    • Text Scaling
  • Shapes
    • Creating Shapes and Shape Properties
    • Polygon Shapes
  • Layers
    • Layer Masks
    • Layer Group Order

Part 2: Redesign

Apply the Advertising Design Principles you learned in the Lesson 3 to redesign the advertisement so it is more effective and professional. Use the type and images in the current advertisement as a starting point, but you can add to the design as you see fit.

Your new advertisement should have a single, clear concept and should present the prospective customer (audience) with an easy to understand Reason to Believe.

Your new advertisement should contain the following elements:

  1. Headline
  2. Copy
  3. Image
  4. Logo
  5. Call to Action

The new design should also apply the following Design Principles:

  1. Format
  2. Balance
  3. Visual Hierarchy
  4. Unity

Finishing Up

Once your design is completed in Photoshop, select File > Save As…

Select the PDF option for Format and then click the Save button.

Turn it in

  1. Log in to the 381 Blackboard, go to the Assignment Dropboxes section, and locate Tutorial 3: Adobe Photoshop (2)
  2. Under the Assignment Submission section, select Browse my Computer, and locate your final PDF image file on your computer
  3. Select Submit

Grading Criteria

Your main goal with this task is accuracy and completion. Using elements of a standard Tutorial rubric – you will be graded on content, completion, and conventions. Your instructor is looking for the following criteria:

  • Content: Meets all the criteria for the assignment.
  • Complete and Thorough: All steps of the tutorial are completed in full. Demonstrated ability to understand and follow requirements.
  • Conventions: No misspellings or grammatical errors. The finished tutorial is properly formatted and is correctly turned in to Blackboard.