Tutorial 2: Photoshop & Mobile Apps

Points: 20 pts
Due date: Friday, Feb. 8 at 11:59 p.m.
Resources: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Capture, Adobe MixAdobe Tutorials
Summary: Combine an image and text to create a flyer using InDesign


photoshop logo

Adobe Photoshop is an imaging and design application. You can use it to edit and enhance photographs, illustrations, and artwork. You can even use it to design websites and mobile apps. 

In the first part of this tutorial series, you’ll create a document that will eventually contain all of the final images from your tutorials. You’ll then create two images using the basic feature of Photoshop. Then you’ll use the Adobe Capture mobile app to analyze and capture brand assets from an advertisement, then you’ll use the Photoshop Mix mobile app to create two composite images.

At the end of the tutorial series, you’ll save your final document and export it as a .pdf file.


Tutorials: Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorial 1

Complete the Enhance Your Photos With Text tutorial on Adobe.com. Use the image provided in the tutorial. Save your completed image.

Photoshop Tutorial 2

Complete the Combine Images tutorial on Adobe.com. Use the image assets provided in the tutorial. Save your completed image.

Tutorial: Adobe Capture

Find an advertisement for a brand that you personally identify with. You can search online or in a print magazine.

Step 1 – Find and capture the source image

  1. Take a photo of the advertisement with your phone or create a screen capture of the image on your computer.
  2. Save the image.
  3. Download Adobe Capture for your phone

Step 2 – Capturing a Shape

  1. Open Adobe Capture and select the “Shapes” option.
  2. Locate the brand logo in the advertisement you selected and capture the shape. Refine your selection as needed. You can also refine your shape in Illustrator or Photoshop on your computer.
  3. Once you are happy with the results, save the shape.

Step 3 – Capturing a Font

  1. In Adobe Capture, select the “Type” option.
  2. Locate the headline in the advertisement you selected and capture the font.
  3. Select the closest match from the list of fonts shown
  4. Select “Change Text” and type in an alternate headline you would use for this advertisement.
  5. Select “Save”, then change the name of your character style to “Advertisement Style 1” and save to My Library.
  6. Select your character style on the “My Library,” then select “Share Type”
  7. Either select “Share to Camera Roll” or “Share to” to send the type to your email or as a message. You’ll need this later, so save it somewhere you can find it.

Step 4 – Capturing a Color

  1. In Adobe Capture, select the “Color” option.
  2. Point your camera at your advertisement to select the colors from the advertisement. Once you are happy with the selection press “tap to freeze.” If you like the results, select the check button
  3. Adjust your color palette as needed using the Sliders, Color Wheel, and Image screens. Once you have a color palette that captures what is used in the advertisement, select “Save.”
  4. Select your color theme on the “My Library,” then select “Share Color”
  5. Either select “Share to Camera Roll” or “Share to” to send the color theme to your email or as a message.
  6. Add to InDesign

Tutorial: Photoshop MixS

  1. Download Photoshop Mix for your phone
  2. Complete the Combine photos on the go with Photoshop Mix tutorial using the assets provided. Save the final composite image you create to either your computer or to Creative Cloud.
  3. Create a new composite image (combination of at least two images) using your own photos or graphics. Save your final image to either your computer or Creative Cloud.

Finishing Up

Create a document using Microsoft Word, Google Documents, or InDesign.

Create a cover page including your name, the class name (COMSTRAT 381: Create Media Techniques for Advertising), the class time, and today’s date.

Add the completed images from all your tutorials to the document.

Label the images appropriately and add any descriptions you would like.

Save the file.

Turn it in

  1. Log in to the 381 Blackboard, go to the Assignment Dropboxes section, and locate Tutorial 2: Adobe Photoshop
  2. Under the Assignment Submission section, select Browse my Computer, and locate your final document file on your computer
  3. Select Submit

Grading Criteria

Your main goal with this task is accuracy and completion. Using elements of a standard Tutorial rubric – you will be graded on content, completion, and conventions. Your instructor is looking for the following criteria:

  • Content: Meets all the criteria for the assignment.
  • Complete and Thorough: All steps of the tutorial are completed in full. Demonstrated ability to understand and follow requirements.
  • Conventions: No misspellings or grammatical errors. The finished tutorial is properly formatted and is correctly turned in to Blackboard.